Food safety policy statement

  1. We, as food manufacturers, are committed to supply our customers with safe, high quality products at all times, and always prioritize our customers’ interest.
  2. We employ, preserve and constantly improve our Food Safety Management System, in order to supply our customers with safe and up to quality standards products.
  3. We continuously upgrade our Quality Management System so that our products can always meet the requirements set forth by customers, laws and government regulations.
  4. All employees are committed to uphold safety and hygiene standards. Management staff and employees receive education pertaining the aforementioned standards.


Company information

Company Name

Shelley’s Co., Ltd.

Head Office

6-6 Motocho, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0002, Japan
TEL: +81 046-221-2244
FAX: +81 046-221-2251

Capital:JPY30,000,000(equivalent to USD220,000)

Turn over:JPY350,000,000(equivalent to USD2,600,000)

Business Activities

Import, manufacturing and distribution of food products, etc.

Established in July 7, 2005

Our Banks

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Atsugi Branch
Yokohama Bank Atsugi Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank Yokohama West Exit Branch


Shonan Soko Factory
Shimotsukoku 50, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0026, Japan
TEL 046-210-4711
FAX 046-210-4714


2005 Shelley’s is born in Fukuoka
2007 The main office is relocated in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture
2012 Opening of the Tamuramachi Factory
2013 Abolition of Board of Directors and Auditors system
2014 Opening of the Asahicho Factory
2017 Opening of the Shonan Soko Factory
2018 Renewal of the Tamuramachi Factory into a restaurant
Shelley’s Bruschetta new opening
2022 Closing of the Asahicho Factory, Shonan Soko becomes the main manufacturing facility
2022 Closing of Shelley’s Bruschetta restaurant

Main Customers

Kokubu Group Corp.
Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Foods Co., Ltd
Nippon Access Inc.

Ace-Group Co., Ltd.
Camel Coffee Co., Ltd.
Costco Wholesale Japan Ltd.
Ikari Supermarket Co., td.
Meidi-Ya Co., Ltd.
Shinanoya Shokuhin Co., Ltd.


Sozai Seizogyo Sozai (No.2018-032-0001)
Tsukemono Seizogyo Siozuke (No. 2021-077-0001)

Product Liability Insurance

Insured amount: JPY300,000,000 (Insurance number: G22075333)

Third Party Certification

Importers / organic processed foods (Japan Food Research Laboratories)
Production Process Managers / organic processed foods (Japan Food Research Laboratories)
FSSC22000 (Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.) [Shonan Soko Factory]

Shelley’s equipment

・Shonan Soko Factory
Rotary Style Vacuum Packing Machine
2 Tray Style Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machine
Rotary Style Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machine
Conveyor Style Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machine
2 Sterilizer/Pasteurizer
3 Steam Convection Oven